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Cleansing the body in ancient India meant nourishing, cleansing and medicating it. A centuries old ritual - Mud bath cleansing is known to be a host of skin and body benefits.

Queen’s secret has been developed using a combination of selected herbs and developed aligning with the Ayurvedic principles.
Queen’s s Secret mud bath is a Naturo - Ayurvedic treatment.
1. Queen’s Secret mud bath cleanses the body.
2. Moisturises and restores even stubborn dryness immediately.
3. Nourishes the skin with herbs and minerals.
4. Evens out skin tone over time.
5. Eliminates breakouts.

A helpful tip
Apply a small amount of coconut oil (or oil of your choice) on the body and skin after a bath. This traps in the moisture and makes the skin even softer.

Directions for use
Queen’s s Secret mud bath is in powder form and may be used as a rejuvenating bath and conditioning body mask.
1. Take 3 spoons full Queen’s powder and mix with a little water to make a smooth paste.
2. Rub paste into body for a quick bath and wash off with water as you would with soap.
3. Apply on wet body from head to toe by gently massaging it in. With special attention to forehead, eyelids, neck, chest, stomach, the genitals, spine, joints and  sensitive parts. If paste gets dry, sprinkle water and continue the massage.
4. Can be used on the skin for 15-30 minutes. Wash it off with pure water.

Facial treatment mask: Liberally apply a medium thick paste on the whole face and keep it on for 15-30 minutes. This reduces lines, wrinkles and rejuvenates the skin condition. (Milk or rosewater may also be used in place
of water).

For a quick bath: Make a light paste with water and rub all over your body. Wash with water.
NO NEED TO USE SOAP; Queen’s Secret cleanses better than any soap.
Longer the mudpack stays on the skin, the better the restoration.

Special Benefits and Uses

Headache: Apply a paste of 5 grams on the forehead, around the eyes and temple areas. It helps to relax the tension, which causes the pain.

Cleaning of eyes: Take 10 grams of the powder and add it in a glass of water. Stir well and wait for the powder settle down. Let it sit and allow the water absorb the goodness of the herbs. Transfer the nutrient rich water into another glass and splash water into eyes or with the help of eyeglass.

Dental care: Rinse your mouth and massage gums with powder once or twice a day. It helps to keep gums healthy and removes bad odour of the mouth.

Cough and common cold: Make a thick paste with 10-15 grams and apply on throat and nose. Let it sit for a while, wash it off using warm water

General painful conditions: For joints pains , aching ligaments, muscular pains, swellings a thick paste is can be applied to the affected part. The paste needs to be left on the area for 3-4 hours.

Menstrual discomfort: A good quantity of powder made into a thin paste and applied on the entire middle portion of the stomach area, groin area, back and thighs brings immense relief.

Skin disease: It has been widely observed that application of Queen’s Mud Bath is highly effective in all skin diseases and allergies of any origin. In such cases a thin paste is applied on the affected parts two or three times a day. (Quantity as needed)

Piles: Mix half a spoon with unsalted butter and apply before going to bed to alleviate itching and irritation.

Minor cuts and wounds: QS mud bath has healing and antiseptic qualities. On normal cuts, a pinch of Queen’s powder can be applied to stop immediate bleeding. Paste can also be applied on itching insect bites.

All the ingredients have been collected, processed and combined without reducing or compromising the potency of any ingredient.

Ingredients: Amraharidra - 54 mg, Nagarmustak -53 mg, Multani - 26 mg, Talispatra- 20 mg, Vacha- 20 mg, Amalki- 10 mg, Vibhi- tak-10 mg, Haritaki-10mg, Balharita- ki-10mg, Kashtaki karanj-10mg, Karkat- shrungi-7mg, Chadriripu-5mg, Vidang-5mg, Yellow clay- 422mg, Black clay-330mg, Geru-8 mg.